Wednesday, December 10

The Children of FLOW: Reasons Why We Take Them Everywhere We Go

What drives the women of FLOW are their greatest treasures, their children <3

We started FLOW Surf Yoga Samba Weekend Retreats because we wanted a venue wherein we could do the things we love to do (surfing, yoga, samba drumming and dancing) and bring our families with us.

Here are our reasons why we take our Flow kids wherever we go:

  • We are very hands on mothers. We breastfeed, co-sleep and basically bring our children wherever we go. It just makes sense to do so, it's called instictive parenting- when you follow your heart and intuition. 
Globetrotters Mommy Monica and Maya babywearing in Bali, Indonesia

Yummy Mummy Denise and little Pax having a moment in Palawan

  • Children learn through imitation, when they see their mommies happy about their work, they will grow up with the same drive to pursue their true calling. 

Benny takes centerstage performing with Imperatriz Filipinense 

  • Nature is close to our hearts and we want to share the wonders of the outdoors with our children. 
Kai is free to roam and explore the natural world

The children are surrounded by beautiful sights, sounds and pure air to breathe!

  •  Because we promote health and wellness during our workshops, the kids want that too! 
Santi is a Rawlicious green smoothie lover. He calls it his HULK juice!

                            The boys of FLOW cheers-ing to health at the GK Farm in Bulacan

  •  And lastly, we don't take life so seriously. We want them to sing, dance and laugh. Because in the end, it's those precious moments that truly matter.

FLOW will have a Kids Camp on 2015 so that mommies and daddies can bring their little ones, too! Watch out for our dates :) 

Monday, November 17

What Went On: Flow Yoga & SUP Retreat Bohol

No, it isn't summer just yet but at FLOW, we rock summer in our hearts forever! Thank God we live in a tropical country. #It'sMoreFunInThePhilippines!

This retreat is set in the very laid back, Momo Beach House in Panglao, Bohol. We certainly picked the best venue partner for a weekend escape to recharge from the maddening city of Manila.

After travelling to the island, we took refuge in our yin yoga practice for much needed stretch and peace of mind. Check out our outdoor yoga scene. Not much was needed, only our bodies and the willingness to unfold in nature's embrace. We stared out to the ocean and breathed fresh salty air. Why hello, detoxification!

Monica Manzano led the 75-minute class with a focus on our spine and hips. It was a sweet series of relaxation and restoration. Every traveller should definitely sign up for a class like such!

Our participants came from various ends of the earth (as usual!). We got representatives from Manila, Sweden, London/Iloilo, California and of course Cebu (just a ferry away from Bohol!)

Detox aids: Moringana malunggay capsules and Teas plus Healthy Grocery Superfoods!

We at FLOW believe in eating local fruits and vegetables in season so as soon as we got to Bohol, we requested to check out the market to buy produce for the Green Smoothie and Raw Vegan Food workshop which we do at every retreat!

We made a few samples of the Green Smoothie. In this was local pechay, saba and mango with water.

If you are travelling and have no access to green leafy vegetables, it is good to always bring a pack of potent Moringana capsules to get your green dosage for the day wherever you might be!

We asked our FLOW-ers to create their own superfood bowls and they got really creative with their works! All of them were delighted in the fact that it is so easy to make a healthy snack even if you are pressed for time.

Raw vegan protein balls made from cacao, nuts and dates. A healthy pick-me-up snack alternative to coffee!

When the heat gets to you, it is vital to repleinsh lost liquids by taking in more fluids. We like making our natural blended iced teas using Moringana made with Ginger or Lemongrass. These teas are available at the Flow Shop ( We ship nationwide so go check the online store for more goodies!

Stand Up Paddleboard was one of the highlights of the retreat. We took team #FlowBohol to tour the Loboc River on a stand up paddleboard! It was surely a unique and fun experience for all!

Happy sunshiney people!

Of course we took the time to check out the world-famous Bohol Chocolate Hills that golden afternoon. We marveled at this divine creation no picture can do it justice!

Retreat organizers, Monica and Noelle set up the pop up Flow Shop for guests to purchase some sun and body essentials. Many cute and useful items are found here perfect for gifts anytime of the year!

Last yoga hurrah on the morning before our flight out of Bohol. Monica did a short vinyasa sequence before we launched into Partner Yoga with Acro Yoga elements! Oh, what fun! It's true that we learn something new everyday and this was one of those days we just had to go beyond our comfort zones.

Can you spot little Maya, Monica's baby girl in her own yoga mat? Adorable little FLOW-er!

Before saying our goodbyes, we just had to leave our mark. #FlowWasHere !

Thank you to all who participated during the #FlowBohol retreat! It was exactly what the doctor ordered, commented one guest!

Special thanks to Moringana, Momo Beach House, The Healthy Grocery, Cutieverse, Lagu, Roxy Outdoor Fitness, Belo, Nyogi, The Juice Barista, STRIP, Browhaus, HeyJow, Nyogi, Lightwater, Vitaminboost, WhenInManila and Travel Now

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